Bid Happy. No Registration Required.

Anyone can place free bids without registering on any auction items. We'll only ask for an email address to let you know when you've won.

However, we do require registration for auto bidding.

If you fail to pay for three (3) consecutive auctions, your account will be suspended for one (1) week.

Do I have to register on

We only require registration for auto bidding.

When registering, you will also be asked for a password to secure your account. Your masked email is used in the bid history, show "" will show as "j***************m".

You must provide valid contact information and a valid e-mail address. This is required so that buyers and sellers will be able to contact one another once an auction closes. does not release registered user information to third parties and this information is not used for marketing purposes. Registered users are permitted only one (1) account with 

How do I register?

Simply go to the Sign In / Sign Up link in the top right.