Provide your Ethereum address
  1. Add JWL to your custom token list
  2. Wait for Airdrop (Weekly)
  3. Confirm balance of JWL, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns

Adding a new Ethereum Wallet to your account

If you don't already have an Ethereum wallet, they're free and easy to set up. Trust Wallet is a easy to use option for mobile phones.
To create a wallet prepared to receive your JWL, follow the below steps.
  1. Download Trust Wallet from
  2. Follow steps to configure wallet
  3. After completion, you should see a balance and Ethereum (ETH)
  4. Tap on Ethereum (ETH) to go to your Ethereum menu
  5. Tap "Receive" to show your Ethereum Address
  6. Copy Wallet Address and save it to your profile

Adding JWL to your token list

Since JWL is so new, we're not recognized on several exchanges. In the meantime, to utilize your JWL, follow the below steps (assuming usage of Trust Wallet)
  1. Tap the + in the top right from the main menu
  2. Tap the + in the top right menu a second time
  3. Scan the QR code below, or paste the contract code below 0x45372DEeaF33d5a4865411c35c57dA800fe6D0ac
  4. Confirm that JWL shows up and is enabled in your Tokens list
  5. You're ready to send and receive JWL!