1.75 Carat 14K Solid Yellow Gold You Forgot, I Remembered Garnet Earrings

Chianti. Merlot. Pinot Noir. Beautiful red wines have it visually going on. So, too, does everyone's favorite wine-colored semiprecious stone, Garnet. Wear these 14K Solid Gold Stud Earrings with Natural Garnets to your best adult functions. Sip your favorite red vintage while you radiate the warm tones of Garnet found in these semiprecious studs. Each earring features a simply elegant 1.75 carat princess shaped Garnet. The studs are 14K solid gold, so these beauties will last for a lifetime. These will effortlessly take you from work to dinner to playtime in your favorite club, lounge, or boudoir. Go ahead--drink up.