0.95 Carat 14K Solid Yellow Gold Leaves Fusion Amethyst Peridot Necklace


Resplendent amethysts and peridots decorate the pendant of the 14K. Solid Gold Necklace with Amethyst and Peridot. Olive green and deep purple make a stunning color combination in their solid gold setting. The pendant design features a gold wavy bar, which branches out to gemstone settings. A round olive green peridot glistens on either side of the pendant, and a teardrop-cut amethyst shines out from above each peridots. Another teardrop-cut amethyst is positioned at the lower center of the pendant, making amethyst the prominent gemstone of this pendant. The 14K. Solid Gold Necklace with Amethyst and Peridot's pendant hangs from a solid gold double link rope chain.