Chanel New Travel Line MM Tote Bag Nylon Jaguar Ladies CHANEL

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Accessories Notice: Before purchasing please refer to the images of the accessories included with the item.
Bags Accessories: None
Bags Common Damage Dirt: Slight
Bags Common Damage Usage: Moderate
Bags Damage Location: OverallOverallHardwareHardwareHandleHandle
Bags Handle Length Cm: 46cm / 18.11
Bags Inner Pocket Type: Zipper pocket
Bags Type: Tote bag
Color Bags Cases: Beige
Condition: Used (good)
Condition Notice: Before purchasing please refer to the images for the exact condition of the item.
Condition-1: Rank AB Used - Traces of usage scratches / dirt can be seen but generally in good condition
Condition-2: Rank AB
Damage: StainScuffRustDiscolorationMisshapenPeelings
Damage Ranking: ------
Gender: Women
Line: New Travel Line
Maker: Chanel
Material Fashion: New Travel Line
Number Dropdown: 2
Size Hxwxd Cm: 26cm x 34cm x 14cm / 10.23 x 13.38 x 5.51