Louis Vuitton M93082 Yack Damier Juan Bag Mens LOUIS VUITTON

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Accessories Notice: Before purchasing please refer to the images of the accessories included with the item.
Bags Accessories: None
Bags Closure: Zipper
Bags Common Damage Scratch: Slight
Bags Common Damage Usage: Noticeable
Bags Damage Location: OverallInsideCornerHandleInner pocket
Bags Handle Length Cm: 35cm / 13.77
Bags Inner Pocket Type: Open pocket
Bags Outer Pocket: Open pocket
Bags Type: Handbag
Color Bags Cases: Black / Tobacco
Condition: Used (acceptable)
Condition Notice: Before purchasing please refer to the images for the exact condition of the item.
Condition-1: Rank B Used - Traces of usage damages / dirt can be seen but it is still in acceptable condition for continued usage
Condition-2: Rank B
Damage: DirtLoose threadsScuffStain
Damage Ranking: -----
Gender: Men
Maker: Louis Vuitton
Material Fashion: Damier Geant
Number Dropdown: 1
Outer Pocket Number: 4
Size Hxwxd Cm: 25cm x 37cm x 6cm / 9.84 x 14.56 x 2.36
Smell: Tobacco
Smell Ranking: Insignificant